Tired of downsizing your dreams to fit your current reality?
Ready for a breakthrough... or at least a break?

The Inner Game Experience

The hidden secret to taking your dream from impossible to possible to predictable... and enjoy the ride along the way.

21-23 October 2022
No travel required!

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You CAN make a difference and love your life too -- even if that feels impossible right now.

There's something you really want. Maybe it’s a professional goal like...

Starting a business or launching a new program or finally going for that big promotion or contract...  

Maybe it’s a little more general like doing what you're doing but making it easier, having more fun, or spending time with your family (or even just yourself.) 

But, some (or all!) of the following are getting in your way...

  • You're working really hard on something important to you, but nothing's working like it should...
  • You've got a lot on your plate. You're running from crisis to crisis thinking, "I just have to get through this one hard thing, then it'll get easier." (It hasn't yet.)
  • You're starting to worry you can't have what you want. What if you're not disciplined enough/ focused enough/ special enough/ <fill in the blank!> enough to ever get there? (...and how much longer can you keep this up?)
  • You don't know what you want anymore... You thought you did once but it didn't work out and you've hit the Burn-out wall. Now you're struggling to get yourself back into MEANINGFUL action without burning out again...

Frankly, you're sick of having to limit your life to fit your current reality.

I get it. I’ve been there. And at times it left me feeling like a total failure.

I know how horrible it feels when you're working hard but nothing's working.
I even have the
“Did Not Meet Expectations” performance review to prove it.

My name is Martha Wilson, and I'm a former soldier, spy, and C-level executive turned transformational success coach. (I’m certified in a list of instruments as long as your arm including Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Strengths Deployment Inventory.)

I’ve been the disengaged employee who was definitely in the wrong job (hence the “did not meet expectations”), and I’ve been the harried supervisor who just needed stuff to get done without constant “soap bubble management”. (You know about soap bubble management, don’t you? Where you carefully select every word you say and move you make so nobody gets their feelings hurt and just POPS!) 

I've also been the frustrated, confused, disappointed, cash-strapped entrepreneur who bought the programs, followed the systems, joined the groups, and did the stuff, but somehow it didn't seem to work for me the way it worked for everybody else. (Or so I thought.)

The mistake people make is thinking that success is about sucking it up, muscling  through, slicing and dicing your calendar and your bank account into ever smaller pieces, contorting yourself to fit somebody else’s mold or expectations, and hoping to hell you can hold it together long enough for your miracle to happen.

But the truth is that doesn’t work. (And on some level you kinda know that already.) 

Here’s the deal:

You’ve done a good job working with the tools and strategies you’ve been given. But the bottom line is that the old strategies aren’t working now.  

They’ve reached their limit and the very things that brought you successfully to this point are now EXACTLY what are keeping you broke, confused, overwhelmed, pissed off, and stuck right where you are. 

Every person has their own "hidden programming" that allows them to attain a certain level of success and happiness. It limits everything in your life including how much money you earn, how hard you have to work to earn it, and how much peace and satisfaction you're allowed to enjoy while you do it.

(Back in my spy days, I specialized in unearthing people's hidden programming to be sure it wouldn't endanger them or the mission when things got...umm...intense. See, it's not the hidden programming itself that is the problem. It's the fact that it is hidden from YOU.)

GOOD NEWS: You're not BROKEN, and you're not destined to fail.

BETTER NEWS: Your greatest STRENGTH lives inside the thing that's currently holding you back.

You know down deep it's time to...

Get relief right now from the overwhelm, stress, and pressure that never seem to let up. (Bye,bye Burnout!)

Experience the thrill of finding yourself in action as opposed to forcing yourself to take action.

Fit work into your life, not the other way around. No more being trapped with a client you can't stand or a boss you don't like -- even if that boss is YOU.

Uncover your predictable Internal Success Path so you can do more, better, with less effort, and always know you're on track.

Discover a new framework for money so you can go from "making a living" to thriving -- regardless of your income starting NOW.

Finally enjoy the freedom of time, energy, money, and mission you always wanted so you can make the difference you're here to make.

If you've been stuck in a cycle of 3 steps forward, 2 (or more!) steps back, you're about to learn exactly why and exactly what to do about it so you can finally stop spinning in circles and start moving your dream from impossible to possible to predictable.

(Even if you've never understood what that means or how to do it.)

Join us at UNFLAPPABLE: The Inner Game Experience

3 transformational days ... no travel or board-breaking required.

  • It's the best of my training and coaching in an ultra-accessible form.
  • Plus a community of purpose-driven leaders and coaches who know that the next level of their lives -- their mission -- demands the next level version of themselves...
  • And they don't have time to waste because their next level life is already in sight.
  • The best part? The "work" happens during the event! It's kind of like going to the gym. You come in, do your push-ups and sit-ups, go home and live your life. The change is already in process.
  • Only you can do the work, but you don't have to do it alone.
  • That's why this is the inner work that makes the outer work work.

I have more than doubled my rates.

Before Martha, I would sit in front on my computer every day and put off the most crucial tasks that I KNEW would grow my business and instead dither all day and not get nearly enough done (then feel crappy about it). I knew I needed to "get out there more" but I would feel anxious and procrastinate every time I tried.

Working with Martha I have more than doubled my rates and the best thing is everything is EASIER. I was trying to "be more organized" and "be more focused" and it seemed like the answer but it WASN'T. Martha's system was exactly what I needed to get unstuck and stay unstuck.

~Kathryn Calhoun, Entrepreneur Coach

It is NOT your fault you're stressed and there IS something simple you can do to make it go away (that does not involve winning the lottery, "firing" your boss or horrid client, or chucking it all and getting a job at Starbucks).

Here's what's on the agenda at UNFLAPPABLE...

DAY 1: Find Your Fire

When you're making things happen on a regular basis (or at least trying to), it's easy to lose sight of the big picture.

You get so disconnected from yourself you're not even sure who you are, what you're good at, or what lights you up anymore.

(This is what keeps even highly successful people feeling burned out and dead inside. Believe it or not, this was the single, most important thing that would drive someone to commit espionage. It's that subtle and that important.)

No, I don't think you're at risk of espionage...

...But I do know you have a mission. You know it too.

Day 1 will show you how to re-connect with what lights you up and why you do what you do so you can: 

  • FINALLY end the struggle for work/life balance
  • Enjoy the rewards NOW - not some random future someday​
  • Find yourself in action - as opposed to forcing yourself to take action
  • And make your impossible possible.​

I now feel grounded and have a sense of serenity I have never had before.

I was extremely stressed. I didn't know exactly what the problem was, but I knew things couldn't continue the way they had been. It felt like I was spiraling down a black hole. Because of our work together I started to see patterns in my life I had not previously noticed. At first, even though I felt better, I didn't notice the work was having an impact on how I portrayed myself to the world. When others started commenting on the positive difference, it got my attention. I now feel grounded and have a sense of serenity I have never had before. It's almost like I found my true north! If I had known this would be the outcome, I wouldn't have been concerned about making the investment into this journey. 

~Lilian Lowery, Senior Program Analyst

Day 2: Make Peace With The Money Piece

The truth is “how you do anything is how you do everything” and it will show up in your money...

How much you earn, how hard you have to work to earn it, how much you get to keep, and how much you’re allowed to enjoy it after you do.

That's why Day 2 is all about creating a new relationship with money so you can:

  • Go from “making a living” to thriving NOW – regardless of your income
  • Discover your untapped ability to get more of what you really want BEYOND money​
  • Make a difference and sell your work without selling your soul
  • Reverse engineer your patterns to experience a new sense of freedom in all areas of your life... so your possible actually becomes probable.​

I go to bed every day feeling confident and satisfied that I made a difference.

This was exactly what I was looking for without even knowing I was looking for it. About a year ago there were some big changes at work and they really rocked me. The people who care about me all said, “What’s going on? We’ve never seen you like this.” There had been a dramatic downturn in my satisfaction. With Martha's help, I saw results immediately. I went into what would have previously been a contentious meeting, and it went great. When I went back to my team with the results after the meeting, their reaction was also positive and productive. Now I go to bed every day feeling confident and satisfied that I made a difference." 

~Rita Burgess, Nurse Manager, Dept. of Veterans Affairs

Day 3: Realize Real Results in the Real World

There's a predictable internal path you follow to move anything from impossible to probable all the way to predictable...

Until now that internal path has been invisible to you...

That's why your big goal feels so out of reach and you're never quite sure you're on track.

Not any more. Now you have a clear MAP of that path -- YOUR path -- to create real results in the real world.

On Day 3, you'll learn the simple framework to:

  • Step into the next highest version of you (
  • Map YOUR Internal Success Path (It's completely unique to you and totally predictable).
  • Discover the art of being powerfully uncomfortable.
  • Do more, better with less effort and always know you're on track.
  • Make the real world your playground as you stretch your stretch.
  • Experience true freedom of time, energy, money, and mission​ -- starting NOW.

Join Now & Get Started Immediately With This $1500 Bonus Package FREE:

BONUS #1: Burnout Breakthrough: The Instant Relief Toolkit ($500 value)

Everything might look ok on the outside but inside you just feel BAD... stressed out, burned out, and exhausted.

You know there HAS to be a better way, but so far you haven't been able to find it...

This powerful tool will immediately show you: 

  • Exactly what things are sucking the life out of you (this might surprise you!)
  • What needs to go, what needs to stay, and what only needs to shift a little (aka instant clarity & relief!)
  • How to stop leaking time and energy on niggling annoyances so you have bandwidth left for the bigger things you actually care about
  • PS...This works wonders with your team too!

BONUS #2: Forever Access To Event Recordings ($1000 value)

***Delivered 60 days AFTER the event.

With these tools in your Success Library, you can: 

  • Re-visit your favorite parts again and again -- each time you reach for a new goal.
  • Up-Level quickly when life throws you a curve ball (No more waiting around or wondering where to go for help.)
  • Share the recordings with your friends, family, or team (FINALLY you're all on the same page!)

My life has so many possibilities and I am worth the investment to see where I want to go next.

I was really struggling to find my way, find my direction at work. I felt like I fell into a deep hole with no way of getting out. With Martha, I was able to reclaim the power to choose my own life, my own path, what I wanted to do with my time. I am capable of loving myself and creating a strong and vibrant business outside of the Government if I choose. My life has so many possibilities and I am worth the investment to see where I want to go next. My investment in working with Martha was worth every penny and then some!

~Beth Coombs, Aromatherapy Consultant, Yoga Teacher, Budget Analyst for the National Park Service

Ready to finally make your miracle happen?

The Inner Game Experience

Register Now

Event Schedule:

Thursday, October 20: 4:00 - 6:00pm EDT Registration and tech check

Friday, October 21: 11:00am - 7:00pm EDT General Session

Saturday, October 22: 11:00am - 8:30pm EDT General Session

Sunday October 23: 11:00am - 4:00pm EDT General Session

Yes, this is a 100% online event, but it's NOT a 3-day webinar. It's a highly interactive transformational experience.

I have the meaning, passion and focus back in my life and my work.

When I found Martha my current job was wonderful. But I previously had another job that was not wonderful, and I was dealing with the fallout of that in the other parts of my life. I really needed help in getting the greatness to permeate the other areas of my life because if I’m not great in the other parts of my life, my work will suffer. After working with Martha I have the meaning, passion and focus back in my life and my work. I use the tools Martha teaches with my teams at work and see them becoming more productive and enjoying their work more which makes us all more effective. It allows us to serve our organization and our country on a higher level.

~Kathleen Denton, National Park Service

Still have some questions about if UNFLAPPABLE: The Inner Game Experience is a good fit for you? Here are the questions I hear most often, and their answers, to help you decide if it's right for you:

Q: I get that this will help me feel better, but how does it help me make other people do what I need them to do

A: As a team lead or business owner other people have to do their part too.  Believe me, I’ve been that harried executive who just needed stuff to get done! Here’s the thing, when you do the inner work to keep yourself OUT of the stress response, you better discern exactly what you need, who is most able to give it to you, and ask for it in a way that other people can respond.  This includes EFFECTIVELY and LOVINGLY holding team members accountable without being a jerk on the one hand or a pushover on the other.

I’m sure you’ve experienced trainings that have promised to change your life... then you get there and you learn ABOUT a bunch of stuff but don't actually get anything done.

This is workshop is more like having a personal trainer. You show up, do your push-ups and sit-ups, and get back to your life. The transformation happens DURING the event. But unlike working with a personal trainer, you don't have to wait weeks to see results. You'll see – and feel – the shift almost immediately, even before the 3 days is over. This work is tested and proven – and it works – if you are willing to do your part.

Q: I have to work/ homeschool/ take Mom to the doctor on Friday. Will there be replays?

A: I get it! You feel like you’re already running from crisis to crisis, one obligation to the next (add in kids or a spouse or an elderly parent and it gets even worse!). It can be hard to carve out 3 days for yourself. But if you want to finally break out of the day-to-day B.S. so you can focus on the larger vision and find some genuine breathing room, something's got to give.

In other words, if you want things to BE different, you have to DO something different.

As I mentioned, it's not buying the gym membership that gets you in shape. It's actually GOING to the gym and doing your push-ups and sit-ups. The more often you show up, the faster your transformation.

The same is true with this event. It is experiential, if you try to pop in and out, or skip a day, you'll not get full benefit because each day builds on the next. It's worth making the necessary arrangements for you to be present the whole time.

That said, we'll be covering a lot and moving fast. That's why I'm including the full event replays as a special BONUS with your ticket. Expect to receive those 60 days after the event is complete. The real question is, "How quickly do you want to transform your life?"

Q: I've already got a coach, why do I need this too? 

A: Most coaches focus on the "outer" work. They give you scripts to use and checklists to follow. But when you start to get bogged down, they don't know how to help you. They tell you: "Think positive." "When you believe it, you will see it." "Feel the fear and do it anyway."

So you put your head down and try to muscle through, but, DANG it's HARD. And the truth is, it's not sustainable. You might get through this launch, this project, this promotion, this conversation, but tomorrow is another day and now you're even more depleted.

Your "outer" work coach doesn't have the skills and techniques to help you access the clarity, confidence, energy, and leadership presence locked inside your hidden programming. I do. And when you add this inner work to their outer work, everything just WORKS -- better than you could have ever imagined.

Q: Government employees often ask, "Can my organization pay for this?" 

A: They might. It depends on how training funds work inside your organization. I know the first time I decided to invest in myself I needed 2 days off work to participate. When I asked for the days off, my boss volunteered to pay the cost for me. (Note: I had already decided to invest in myself for myself FIRST.) In my old organization we could take advantage of an opportunity and request reimbursement after the fact. I get that not all organizations work that way. If money is really the breaking point for you, I'd encourage you to ask.

But here's the deal: It's your life. If you are content to sit around and wait for your organization to invest in you, that's your choice. And, you will remain at their mercy. But if you want to BE in charge of your professional and personal success, even inside a governmental organization, TAKE charge of it.

Q: Will there be selling at this event?

A: This is an experiential event built around sharing content, self-exploration, and guiding you through the inner work to achieve the results you want in your career and your life. For those who ready, there will be an opportunity to engage deeper with me and my work, but this is NOT a pitch fest.  

Even if you come just for the event and don’t accept my invitation to support you further, you’ll still leave feeling happy, confident, and empowered with tools to navigate whatever is standing between you and the life you've been waiting for.

Q: Martha, I've tried some inner work stuff before, and it didn't really work. Are you sure you can help me?

A: The very cool thing about these self-discovery processes is that nobody has to convince, coerce, or cajole your mind/body/nervous system into anything.

Of course, you do have to actively participate in the process. This is not a magic pill that makes everything perfect. (You still have to do your own push-ups when you go to the gym too.)

That said, when we go through the processes together, your inner "stuff" automatically recalibrates itself to better serve you. That's what I mean when I say the transformation happens DURING the event. There is nothing special you have to "do," no new skill to master, or bad habit to break. If you show up for yourself, the transformation will happen.

In other words, yes, I'm sure.

I was able to resume action that day...

I was in a decades old, recurrent, state of extreme fatigue that I imagined was purely physical in nature. I was highly discouraged and feared I might be permanently disabled. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to keep moving forward toward my desired goal. I left our session with a lifting of the extreme fatigue and was able to resume action that day! I was also given awareness of what the gift I carry is and what a recurring episode actually means which gave me confidence to keep my eyes on my end goal and not get derailed. Huge!

~Kerry Robertson