Former soldier, spy, and C-level executive… I’ve done the “military thing,” the “government thing,” and the “corporate thing.”

Now I’m helping people to do their thing… whatever that may be.

Martha A Wilson - photo

Hi, I’m Martha A Wilson.

I’m a former soldier, spy, and C-level corporate exec, turned transformational success coach. (I’m certified in a list of instruments as long as your arm, including Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Strengths Deployment Inventory.)

I’ve been the disengaged employee who was definitely in the wrong job (hence the “did not meet expectations”), and I’ve been the harried supervisor who just needed stuff to get done without constant “soap bubble management.” (You know about soap bubble management, don’t you? Where you carefully select every word you say and move you make so nobody gets their feelings hurt and just POPS!)

I’ve also been the frustrated, confused, disappointed, cash-strapped entrepreneur who bought the programs, followed the systems, joined the groups, and did the stuff, but somehow it didn’t seem to work for me the way it worked for everybody else. (Or so I thought.)


“I now feel grounded and have a sense of serenity I have never had before.”

“In the past I struggled to get recognition for my work. Now it just happens and I’m not killing myself for it.”

“I’m flying through what I need to do to make money.”

“I’m having FUN working on my new business.”

“I stopped getting stuck in the details and enjoy what I’ve accomplished.”

“A magical and enlightening approach to setting goals and getting things DONE.”


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