Leaders’ Mastery Terms and Conditions

This is agreement is a binding contract for the Leaders’ Mastery Mentorship (“Program”) between: YOU (“Client”) and Grey Fedora LLC (“Company”) whose address is 113 Iroquois Dr, Islamorada FL 33036. By signing this document, you are acknowledging that you have read, agree to and accept all of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement. We may amend this Agreement at any time by sending you a revised version at the address you have provided.


All materials, procedures, policies, and standards, all teaching manuals, all teaching aids, all supplements and the like that have been or will be made available to me or any other participant in this program, from Company, Martha A. Wilson or her designated facilitators, or any other source, oral or written, are for my personal use in or in conjunction with this training program only. Further, I recognize and agree that some or all of the aforementioned material or information may contain professional secrets and/or private training methods and hence will be and will remain the sole property of Grey Fedora LLC

I understand and agree that the information from this program is for my personal use only, and may not be sold, tape recorded, videotaped, shared, taught, given away, or otherwise divulged without the express written consent of Company or its designated agent. I also understand that l, while free to share my experiences and my personal results of this training, will keep the experiences and statements, oral or written, of all other participants in this training in the strictest of confidence.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a type of energy release technique.  EFT is a relatively new approach to stress relief and the extent of its effectiveness, as well as its risks and benefits, are not fully known.  The prevailing idea is that EFT uses the ancient Chinese meridian system to help alleviate stresses by balancing the energy system using a gentle tapping procedure.  The procedure involves acupressure (tapping with fingertips) on acupuncture points (called acupoints) on the face, upper body, and hands with the goal of stimulating designated meridian end points.  While many people have experienced benefits during use of EFT, others have not.  There is no scientific explanation regarding why EFT works for some but does not work for others.

EFT is NOT meant to replace appropriate medical treatment, medications, or mental health counseling.  No one should discontinue any prescribed medication, mental health counseling, or medical treatment without consulting a doctor.

By using EFT, unpleasant emotional or physical sensations or unresolved memories may surface and may cause some emotional distress related to prior life experiences.  I understand that I am encouraged to discuss such emotions with an appropriate health care provider, such as a licensed psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker, or mental health counselor.  In addition, I understand that by using EFT, it is possible that previously vivid or traumatic memories may fade.  This could adversely impact my ability to provide detailed legal testimony regarding a traumatic incident.  I agree to assume and accept full responsibility for any and all risks that may be associated with EFT.

Martha A. Wilson is not a licensed psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker, or mental health counselor.


By completing this transaction, you authorize the Company to charge your credit card or debit card, or cash your check, as payment for your membership in the Program. The fee for the Program is as follows:

$997 Initial Refundable Deposit ***Processed in this transaction.

If you decide not to participate in the program within 7 days of making your deposit, you may request a full refund of that deposit with no questions asked.  Simply email support@marthaawilson.com

After the 7 day period, the deposit and all remaining program fees become non-refundable.

Payment schedule as follows based on the option you selected when initiating this transaction:

Pay In Full Option:  Balance of $9000 due 7 days from the original transaction.


10-Pay Option:  10 additional payments of $1100 beginning 7 days from the original transaction.


You agree you are responsible for the full payment of fees for the entire 12-month Program; regardless of whether you attend or complete the Program, regardless of whether you have selected to pay in full or the 10-pay payment plan. No refunds will be issued after the initial 7 day period. All payments must be made on a timely basis. A fifteen (15)% interest rate will be accrued on payments that are 10 days late.


All materials and information provided to you by the Company are confidential and proprietary intellectual property. They belong solely and exclusively to the Company and may only be used by you as authorized by the Company. The reproduction, distribution and sale of these materials by anyone but the Company is strictly prohibited. You agree not to disclose such information to any other person or use it in any manner other than in discussion with other Program participants during Program sessions.

You agree not to infringe any Program participant’s or the Company’s copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property rights. Any Confidential Information shared by Program participants or any representative of the Company is confidential, private and proprietary, and belongs solely and exclusively to the Company or participant who discloses it.


We made every effort to accurately represent the Program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on many factors, including his or her expertise, business, dedication, and motivation. You acknowledge that your Program membership fees will not place a significant financial burden on you, and that as with any investment, business or otherwise, there is no guarantee you will earn money as a result of your participation in the Program.


We are committed to providing all Program participants with a positive Program experience. You agree that the Company may, at its sole discretion, terminate this Agreement, and limit, suspend, or terminate your participation in the Program without refund or forgiveness of monthly payments if you become disruptive or difficult to work with, or if you fail to follow the Program guidelines defined herein.


The Program instructors are not qualified to provide legal, tax, accounting or financial advice. You should refer legal, tax, accounting, and financial inquiries to qualified professionals.

Governing Law.

This Agreement has been executed and delivered in the State of Florida, and the laws of such state shall govern its validity, interpretation, performance and enforcement.


Any controversy or claim arising out of or related to this Agreement or the breach thereof, which the parties hereto are unable to resolve after at least thirty (30) days of good faith negotiations or a formal mediation shall be settled, except as may otherwise be provided herein, and the arbitration award may be entered as a final judgment in any court having jurisdiction thereon.


You agree that in the event of a dispute between the Parties, the parties agree they will not engage in any conduct or communications, public or private, designed to disparage the other.

Limit of Liability

The Liability borne by Company, its employees, agents, associates, successors, assigns, and legal representatives under this Agreement is limited in direct proportion to the compensation paid to Company under this Agreement, and shall not, under any condition, exceed the amount already paid to Company at the time of any such claim, demand or cause of action whatsoever.

Entire Agreement.

This Agreement contains the entire understanding between the parties hereto and supersedes any and all prior agreements between you and the Company.

Thank you for your agreement. We are excited to work with you this year. We will process your next payments or payment in full for the amount indicated, and we’ll send you all the details for your Leaders’ Mastery Mentorship.