Does this sound like you?

😬...You know you're supposed to make time for planning and reflection but never manage to actually get it done? (And somehow the more success you have, the worse it seems to be getting.)

🪳...You have that annoying thing that's been sitting on your to-do list for weeks and just keeps getting pushed off?

🏃...You feel like you're constantly behind with no hope of ever catching up? (Otherwise known as "The-Harder-I-Work-The-'Hinder-I-Get" Syndrome.)

💣...You notice that stuff keeps falling through the cracks in spite of your best efforts?

😡...Your "Work-From-Home" plan has turned into "I'm working all the time!" with no relief in sight?

😩...You never really get to enjoy your down time (you do HAVE down time, right?) because you're always thinking you should have done more, better, sooner?

And maybe most importantly....

You're really TIRED of all that crap up there.👆


...You struggle with old-fashioned "time-management" because your life doesn't fit into neat little boxes like that!

It's not your fault that you struggle with planning your time...

The old-fashioned approach to time management doesn't work for your increased responsibilities of today.

Before Intention Lab I was spinning in my head, rocking furiously in a chair, going nowhere fast with stuff I KNEW would make all the difference I wanted in my life. This process helped me turn my calendar from a cudgel I was beating myself with into a fully supportive walking staff - focusing on what I truly want (the good feelings) versus the "data of doings." I am refocused and taking effective action from inspiration rather than the frenetic busy-ness of fear.

~ Ross Murker, Entrepreneur

What if there was a way to...

  • Keep yourself out of the stress and frustration that leads to burnout even as the demands on your time increase.
  • Get all your "have-to's" handled so you can stop getting blindsided by important things that you somehow lost sight of.
  • Discover your ideal "Work-From-Home" structure so you can stop working all the time.
  • Create space for unexpected opportunities so you’re available to say “yes” to the things you want.
  • Set yourself up to win and get the support you need when you need it.
  • Change your relationship with time so it works with you instead of against you.

That's what Intention Lab is all about.

This system has the power to totally transform how you think about time -- so you can start leveraging it to YOUR advantage.

During our weekly time together you will...

Learn and practice THE biggest game changer for keeping you out of stress, frustration, and burn-out.

So you can stay in action on that big thing you're up to and enjoy the ride along the way.

Handle the "have-to's" in the
coming week.

No more getting blindsided by important stuff you lost sight of or dropping the ball on that project you're working on.

Create space for
unexpected opportunities.

Do more, better, with less effort without beating yourself up or grinding yourself down along the way.

Stop setting yourself up to fail and get support when your intentions aren't matching your reality.

It could be as simple as realizing you need to shift an appointment or as "complex" as giving yourself a break.

Did I mention I HATE homework? 🤬

That’s why you’ll actually be DOING the reflection, planning, and getting support on the call - so by the time we finish, you’re all set for the coming week. \


Ready to STOP feeling behind, START ticking stuff off your to-do list, and enjoy REAL downtime?

Intention Lab is...

  • Weekly planning for what you have to DO
  • Focus for how you want to FEEL while you do it
  • Laser coaching for when those 2 things don't match
  • Learn and practice LIVE with me so nothing falls through the cracks -- stress, frustration, and burnout are OFF the schedule!
  • ***PLUS a GENEROUS bonus package

Hi, I'm Martha.

I'm a former soldier, spy, and C-level corporate executive turned transformational success coach. Over the years as my success -- and the responsibilities associated with that success -- increased, I found myself struggling to squeeze progressively more work into the hours of my life.

When I found myself waking up in a cold sweat panic at least 3 nights a week and gaining 40 lbs in 4 months thanks to the stress, I knew something had to change.

But I didn't want to walk away from either my responsibilities or my success...

I wanted BOTH: my career and my life. That's when I knew I needed to find a different way to get a handle on my time.

To be honest, most traditional goal-setting, project-planning, time management tools just gave me a bigger stick to beat myself with.

Reminding me how far behind I was, how many things I hadn’t done, and how little chance there was of any relief in sight…

And even with all of that, they still couldn’t keep up with the steadily increasing demands I had on my time.

(You do know that as your responsibilities increase, the way you engage with time has to change too, right?) 

That's exactly why I created Intention Lab.

I want to show you how to handle the “have-to’s” and still have room for the “woohoo’s.”

(Those unexpected opportunities that start to show up when you’re no longer being held hostage by your calendar or your obligations.)

So, how does it work?

Wondering how Intention Lab works?... I’m so glad you asked. 😉
This is 6 weeks of LIVE on-going support from me in a small group setting.

Plan for about 90 minutes each week...

...and, yes, there is a recording if you can't be there live. During our time together, I’ll be walking you through the Intention Lab Planning Process step-by-step…

I’m not teaching you ABOUT a process and leaving you on your own to apply it to your reality…
That just doesn’t sound very nice to me…

Rather I’m going to walk you through the entire process each week so you can LEARN and DO as you go.

When we finish Intention Lab each Friday, you are all set for the coming week and free to enjoy your weekend… Starting with the very first session.

6 x Live Intention Lab Weekly Planning Sessions (Value $2000)

Resource List of my preferred "Time Taming Tools"

Recordings of all live sessions

Before Intention Lab, I felt unprepared as I would launch into the week or day. Because I didn't have a handle on what was most important for me to focus on, I'd feel overwhelmed. I would get caught up in a fixed mindset and miss seeing the options in situations. Now I recognize the good things I'm accomplishing, and I'm planning my upcoming week in a way that makes sure the things that are really important to me happen -- including taking advantage of unexpected opportunities.

~ Deb Oakeson, Senior Manager

In short, you'll feel solid, grounded, and in control so you can make the difference you want to make for yourself, your family, and ultimately the world.

Get started NOW for only $277

and get a $4000 BONUS package:

BONUS #1:  Complimentary ticket to UNFLAPPABLE: The Inner Game Experience

The hidden secret to work less, make more & have more fun WHILE making the difference you're here to make.

A 3-day virtual workshop where you will...

  • Unlock your personal Keys to Fulfillment so you can stop feeling like you're working all the time and start getting the fun back in your life and your business.
  • Make peace with the money piece which is the part that will allow you to make more of it.
  • Create your UNFLAPPABLE Success Path so you can end the cycle of 3 steps forward, 2 (or more) steps back once and for all.

Happening 19-21 April 2024

(No travel or board-breaking required.)

BONUS #2:  5 Steps to Conversations That Work at Work, in Business, at Home

Say what you need to say, hear what you need to hear, and move on minus the drama:

You'll discover...

  • The secret to creating a successful outcome before you even open your mouth. (bye bye hesitation and avoidance)
  • The 4 types of conversations so you can make sure you're having the right one at the right time -- the first step to ending miscommunication.
  • How to maintain your composure no matter the stakes (or their response) so you can create win-win solutions for everyone -- including you.
  • Available IMMEDIATELY upon registration.

BONUS #3:  On-demand Hip-pocket Coaching

Get personalized support via email when you need it most so you can:

  • Stay on track with your goals and intentions for the week.
  • Flex as needed when life happens (because you know it will).
  • Recognize and conquer resistance or procrastination before they take you out of the game.

Before Intention Lab my desk and white board were a mess of sticky notes with random to-dos scribbled down as I thought of them. They were a literal physical reminder of how behind, overwhelmed, and disorganized I was. They were weighing me down and stressing me out. I thought I could do this all by myself - I thought I SHOULD be able to do this all by myself. For whatever reason, I just couldn't. This process is so gentle and easy I realize I CAN get organized, I CAN stop feeling so behind, I CAN achieve the things I want without overwhelm and without burning myself out. I am SO SO SO glad I did this.

~ Kathryn Calhoun, Entrepreneur

INCLUDES the $4000 bonus package.

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*** Special Pay-In-Full BONUS ***

Private Greatness Breakthrough Strategy Session with me.

During this private session you’ll get: 

  • Clarity on what YOUR greatness breakthrough could be…
  • My expert diagnosis on the #1 thing standing between you and your breakthrough…
  • My recommended strategy to get you there most easily.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What if I can’t be there live?

This is the same situation that my client Johanna Randall faced. She’s a caregiver for her 89-year-old father-in-law with dementia and her 20-year-old daughter with Down Syndrome. When she joined Intention Lab, she already knew that the call time wouldn’t work for her because she didn’t have care support in the house on Fridays.

So, she committed to doing Intention Lab at the same time every week – in her case, on Tuesday – using the recording. (Yes, every session is recorded, and the replay is immediately available to you.) She actively participated in the group by emailing me her comments and questions before each session so I could address them on the call.

Here’s what she had to say about her experience:

“Even though I felt like I was managing OK considering all the things on my schedule taking care of two adult people who cannot take care of themselves alone, I felt I could use some help. As the scheduler, transportation, supply clerk, custom dietitian (to keep meals in line with their allergies and preferences), contact for all of their doctors, therapists, oxygen provider, CPAP provider, hearing aid provider, teacher, SSA, Medicaid, Medicare, VA, Probate Court, not to mention household needs like bedding, clothes, cleaning service, and personal care, as well as some financial management, there were times when things slipped through the cracks. Intention Lab has helped tremendously by giving me a stepping stone in the middle of my week to look forward and to look back. I can take a breath and tie up loose ends. More importantly, I now see my time as a tool. I have a structure to consider what is working, what is not, to celebrate my accomplishments and enjoy life. This is about getting things done on time, but not being driven by a schedule. It’s about looking at how far I've come, learning about myself, and getting tools to keep focused on this journey.”

Q: What if I already have a time management system that I use?

If you already have a time management system you love, go for it. But the truth is you wouldn’t be considering Intention Lab if your current system was giving you the support you need. I will never tell you to get rid of parts of your current system that are working for you.

The other piece is: You have a system, but are you using it? If you're not, just know it's not your fault, and I see this all the time. It's really common for otherwise successful people to KNOW that they are supposed to make time for planning and reflection, but they don't actually get it done.

My job is to give you the tools and support around the parts of your system that aren’t working, that you aren’t doing, the parts that aren’t getting you the results – including stability – that you need.

BTW… there’s a reason I call this Intention LAB. It is a place for experimentation. Trying things out. This is you becoming a MASTER at leading YOU in the way you like to be led.

Q: What if I’ve done Intention Lab before?

There’s a reason that people return to Intention Lab again and again.

See, knowing HOW to plan and reflect is not the same as actually doing it. We are all human. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and let your self-support systems fall away.

It’s human nature. When the pressure is on, we stop doing the things that help us the most.

Little bits and pieces start to slide off the table and the system starts to break down. Doing your weekly planning together in a group with support is the difference between knowing how to do something and getting it done.

But there’s a second, even more powerful reason, to do Intention Lab again:

YOU have changed. Even if you did Intention Lab only 6 months ago, you are a different person now. Your relationship with time is different. What you need from your time is different. You’re ready to step into the next level of ease, flow, and unflappable leadership.

Doors To Intention Lab Close In:


(PLUS the $4000 bonus package.)