To Those Who Serve…

…in federal, state, municipal, and local governments. You are a special breed.

You came to your organization out of a desire to give back – to make a difference.

You could have worked anywhere. You CHOSE to serve. For that, I thank you.

When You Work in Government…

You create the foundation… the framework… for the society we live in. Whether you protect the nation’s borders, reflect the face of our country overseas, manage our natural, fiscal, or human resources – at whatever level of government – YOU create our society.

But if you’re not happy – if you’re not having fun and doing the things that light you up – then you aren’t serving at the highest possible level. You’re doing a disservice to yourself, your organization, and the world.

You not only DESERVE to have a job you love, you have a RESPONSIBILITY to.

Whatever you want to say about government and bureaucracies, the truth is, we couldn’t enjoy the life we have without the structure our organizations provide.

I’ve traveled the world. I’ve lived in places where girls are killed for learning to read, where men are imprisoned for having a different opinion, where families are told where to live and how many children to have.

It’s time to make work WORK again… even better than it did before… with meaning, purpose, balance, and success on your own terms. Whether it’s inside the government, or out.

Does This Sound Like You?

You’ve been successful in the past, but now… Work isn’t working, and you don’t know what to do about it… You know you’re meant for more (and thought you’d be further along by now) but you’re feeling stretched thin, burned out, and seeing no relief in sight.

You’re spitting distance from retirement (AND the pension that comes along with it) so you aren’t willing to throw that away… But secretly you’re torn – feeling ready to give up, but KNOWING deep inside that’s not who you are.

What you really want is the meaning, the purpose, the fire back in your work.

Martha A Wilson - photo

I can help.

I get it. I reeaaalllly get it. I spent 27 years in federal service.

At the 16 year mark I found myself sitting with my head in hands thinking, “I just can’t do this anymore.”

I had what I thought was the coolest job in the world, working for an organization I believed in, living in fascinating parts of the world, and I was…

Utterly miserable and feeling like a colossal failure.

When I found myself waking up in a cold sweat panic at least 3 nights a week, and gaining 40 lbs in 4 months I knew that I’d hit a wall. I was feeling dead inside. I knew something had to change. I wanted BOTH: my career and my life.

That’s exactly why I do what I do.

I can show you how to harness the power of the things holding you back, and find your fire again so you can…

“Make the difference you know you were meant to make – in your life and in your career.”



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