What if I told you that mindset is a misnomer. In this video I share the truth about mindset, so that you can turn limiting beliefs into resilience and strength that will drive you to success faster. 

In this video I dive deep into the root causes behind these “limiting beliefs” that hold us back – and reveal the surprising strengths and opportunities hidden in them. Learn how to reframe the way you handle challenges and how to gain the focus, motivation, and inner resilience that may have been hard to come by before. Get ready to break free from self-sabotage!

You’ll learn that: 

  • The truth about mindset is that it is more than just thoughts 
  • Behind the “limiting beliefs” lies a powerful strength 
  • Leaning into discomfort is the path to unlocking your true inner resources
  • Consistency doesn’t mean perfection – it’s about self-compassion 
  • Procrastination is not laziness – it’s avoiding uncomfortable feelings
  • Achieving your goals is about understanding the emotional drivers behind your actions

Key Moments:

  • 02:10 – The Truth About Mindset
  • 03:39 – The Origin of Limiting Beliefs
  • 07:33 – Identifying Limiting Beliefs
  • 10:25 – Uncovering the Feeling Behind Limiting Beliefs
  • 13:39 – The Strength Within Limiting Beliefs
  • 18:34 – Reframing Short-Term Needs to Fuel Long-Term Goals
  • 28:32 – Embracing Distraction in Meditation


Uncover the True Driver Behind Your Beliefs and Goals

In this episode we’ll explore the concept of “mindset” and why it’s often a misnomer when it comes to personal growth and achievement. As a former soldier, spy, and C-level executive, I have a unique perspective on the deeper forces that shape our beliefs. Our beliefs then shape our behaviors.

The Fallacy of Mindset

The term “mindset” is overused and it doesn’t fully capture the unseen drivers that influence our thoughts, feelings, and actions. The real power is not in our minds, but in the physical, visceral sensations that we experience.

The Roots of Limiting Beliefs

The origins of our “limiting beliefs” – those mental blocks that hold us back from achieving our goals – are not what you think. These beliefs don’t actually start in our heads. They start as physical sensations and experiences that we’ve had since childhood and continue up to this present moment.

Uncovering Your Inner Strength

Rather than trying to “break” or “overcome” these limiting beliefs, I encourage everyone to explore the deeper purpose behind them. Within every limiting belief there is a powerful strength – something that has been stopping you for a reason. It holds the key to your ability to grow and succeed.

Harnessing Emotional Awareness

Unlocking your inner strength starts with gaining a deeper awareness of your emotional and physical experiences. I cannot overemphasize the importance of tuning into those sensations and feelings as they arise, rather than just focusing on the thoughts in your mind.

It can feel uncomfortable facing your limiting beliefs, so have patience with yourself, and think instead of how to reverse-engineer what is blocking you, to turn it into a powerful catapult for growth. If you want to go for the big goals, you have to pull out the big guns and that means doing the inner work to get out of your own way.