Let’s dive into a common challenge faced by high-achieving individuals – the feeling of being “really busy and exhausted, but a break doesn’t seem to help.” The key to unraveling this dilemma lies in understanding the distinction between knowing if you are burnt out or bored. 

Being burnt out is often associated with physical depletion, where one’s basic needs like sleep, nutrition, and self-care have been neglected. However, the issue at hand is not a physical one, but rather a deeper, more elusive problem – boredom.

In this video you’ll learn 

  • The difference between being burnt out and bored (and what’s causing it).
  • The disconnect between mindset and actual drivers of behavior (the issue is not your thoughts, it’s what’s below) 
  • How to recognize when boredom is hindering your progress 
  • How to become a charismatic leader to create a unique vision and collaborate with others
  • How to embrace change and set bigger goals to combat stagnation and feel more fulfilled 
  • The impact of self doubt and how to avoid overthinking or perfectionism that can stall success 

Key Moments: 

  • 04:07  Root Cause of Depletion and Burnout
  • 09:14  The Impact of Boredom on Personal Growth
  • 13:24  Overcoming Boredom 
  • 16:40  Setting Impossible Goals and Overcoming Fear
  • 24:47  Embracing Your Uniqueness and Taking the Lead 
  • 30:37  Building Your Own Platform and Embracing Play
  • 35:40  Overcoming Self-Doubt
  • 39:17  Navigating New Client Connections and Taking Big Steps in Business
  • 42:23  Embracing Uniqueness and Collaboration

The Danger of Boredom for High Achievers

For high-achieving individuals like the listeners in this group, boredom can be a more insidious obstacle than burnout. When you’re bored, it can manifest as a sense of “spiritual depletion” or “mental exhaustion,” even though you may be physically active and busy.

The key distinction is that action does not necessarily equate to stimulation or growth. Just because you’re constantly engaged in tasks and projects doesn’t mean you’re truly energized or challenged. This disconnect can lead to a feeling of stagnation, leaving you frustrated and unfulfilled.

Tapping into Your Higher-Order Needs

The concept of “higher-order human needs,” is critical to our success and well-being, beyond the basic survival requirements. One of these crucial needs is the need to play, explore, and feel your own power run.

For high achievers, this need to play and push the boundaries is particularly important. When this need is not adequately met, it can result in the boredom and depletion you’re experiencing.

The Solution: Setting Impossible Goals

This solution may seem counterintuitive – set a bigger, “impossible” goal. By aiming for a goal that seems out of reach, you create an opportunity to engage in the kind of play and exploration that your inner drive craves.

When you set this “big, hairy, audacious goal,” you’ll find that a significant portion of your current activities and routines may no longer align with this new, expanded vision. This forces you to let go of the familiar and embrace the unknown, sparking a sense of adventure and excitement.

Embracing the Impossible Edge

Approach your “impossible goal” with a mindset of “pretending” rather than rigid goal-setting. By allowing yourself to imagine the possibilities, you open the door to creative problem-solving and the thrill of the chase.

Remember, your unique perspective and experiences are what make your vision truly one-of-a-kind. As I like to put it, “they will never be able to see your vision the way that you see your vision.” Embrace your distinct approach and let it guide you towards unlocking your full potential.

Re-Ignite Your Inner Spark

Boredom, for high achievers, can be a silent saboteur, masquerading as exhaustion and stagnation. By recognizing this hidden obstacle and embracing the power of setting “impossible” goals, you can reignite your inner spark and propel yourself towards new heights of personal and professional growth.

Remember, the key to avoid being burnt out or bored is to play, explore, and feel your own power run – this is the essence of what drives you, and it’s waiting to be unleashed.