This is for you whether you’re intending to elevate a career inside an organization, build your own business, or improve an aspect of your personal life…

We’ve all heard that goal-setting is a key aspect of creating more of what you want in your life.

Goals…A Double-Edged Sword

So why is it that only about 1% of people truly know how to use goals to create the results they want?

Are you in that 1%?

Probably not. I wasn’t, either.

For me, goals were always a double-edged sword…

If I set a big goal, every time I’d look at it, I’d be reminded how far I had to go and how much work I had in front of me.

If I set a smaller goal — one I knew I could reach — I still couldn’t win.

Are You Making This Same Mistake?

Either I’d hit the goal but still be disappointed because it wasn’t what I really wanted…


Because it was a little goal and not what I really wanted, I wouldn’t take any action toward making it happen. Then I’d beat myself up saying, “You couldn’t even hit the little goal, what makes you think you can go for a bigger one?”

So I’d skip the goal, work really hard, do the best I could…and let the chips fall where they may.

And while I was making things happen, I never really felt satisfied…mostly I felt exhausted and vaguely disappointed in myself.

See, I was making the same mistake most people make when it comes to goals…

Working really hard trying to do everything right – and when I didn’t get the results I was looking for, I’d trot off to find another strategy, another tool, or a better team member…

Instead of looking inside of me first.

Are you aware of what’s driving you?

The Conscious Mind:  A Not Too Smart CEO

An article in Time magazine, “Why You’re Pretty Much Unconscious All the Time,” sums up our thinking patterns:

The conscious mind operates like a bad CEO. It takes in information and passes if off to the subconscious brain for processing. Once that’s done, and there is a decision to make or a physical act to perform, that miniscule job is served up to the conscious mind, which then executes the work – and tells itself it was in charge the entire time.

I call the subconscious part of you, your Leadership Foundation.

What is it?

It’s the place inside of you that you take action from. It’s your invisible, unquestioned “truth” of who you are, who they are, and what the world is.

Your Leadership Foundation, or Your Subconscious:

  • Drives every decision you make
  • Drives every action you take (or don’t take)
  • Determines the results of those actions regardless of whether or not you did everything “right”

If you struggle with goals in general (or maybe just that 1 big goal) the problem is ALWAYS rooted in the invisible programming running in your subconscious mind.

Here’s a Quick Test:

If you have a goal you’ve been working on, bring it to mind right now. (If you don’t have a goal, that’s ok.  Just think about something that would be your goal if you were going to have one.)

Now, rate the following statements on a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 is not true at all and 10 is 100% absolutely true:

  • It’s impossible. If a part of you is convinced that your goal is impossible, you won’t really put your heart into it. You’ll spend a lot of time doing everything BUT working on your goal.
  • It’s impossible FOR ME. Maybe others can do it, but not me. This hidden programming will keep you bouncing from one thing to another, but never really feel like anything is actually working. And if you do start to make progress, this is the piece that will lead you to self-sabotage.
  • It will be hard. Many hard-working people have a hidden program that tells them that if they’re not miserable going for their goals, then they’re not working hard enough. It will have you making everything harder than it needs to be, trying to do too much in too little time, or even have some other part of your life come apart so the physical, mental, emotional, and financial resources you intended to put toward your goal get bled away.
  • I’ll have to give something up. Plenty of high achievers carry what I call “Sacrifice Programming.” If you’ve ever gone after a goal, made it happen, but lost yourself in the process, you were living out your hidden programming around “The Price of Success” and what you have to give up in order to deserve to have your goal.

Unless you rated all 4 of those statements a 0, you do have at least one hidden program running in the background that is standing between you and your goal.

You – Yes, YOU – Can Learn to Achieve Goals

The mistake people make is thinking that it’s just limiting beliefs that are holding them back from achieving their goals.

You tell yourself to get over it. Think positive.  Feel the fear and do it anyway.

It’s not your beliefs.

It’s the hidden programming that’s running BEHIND the belief that is dragging you down.

But There is Good News…

The subconscious mind will not LET you do anything it perceives to be “unsafe.”  Which means, once it uncovers the specific hidden programming that is derailing your goals, it will begin to re-write it for you automatically.

When it does, suddenly all your time-management, productivity-tracking, project management strategies and tactics finally start working for you the way they’ve always seemed to work for everybody else…

And your goals go from impossible to possible to probable.

This is the inner work that makes the outer work work.

Ready to Make Goals Work for You?

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