When You’re a Spy…

You have to KNOW what really makes a person tick.
Are you ready to uncover what makes YOU tick?

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Crack the Code

On why certain things don’t work for you so you can stop wasting time, energy, and money on that 💩 and focus on what does.

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Expose the Hidden Glitches

That keep you running into the same old invisible wall again and again in spite of your best efforts to the contrary.

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Put Your Programming to Work for You

Become more of who you already are so you can make the difference you’re here to make… and enjoy the ride along the way.

The Bottom Line

Theres hidden programming running in the background for all of us.

That programming drives every decision you make, every action you take (or don’t take), and the results of those actions regardless of whether or not you did everything “right.”

And that programming? It ain’t goin’ anywhere. It’s the core of who you are.

Here’s the good news – once you can see it and learn how to use it…

That hidden programming is very literally your greatest strength – and the key to your success!

Are you ready to uncover what really makes you tick?


Want to hear a few spy stories? I got you covered.

I love telling spy stories… so feel free to ask me anything.
(If I can’t tell you, I won’t.) 😉

In the meantime, feel free to read a few “espionage moments” – and the lessons embedded in them – to get you started.

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Martha A Wilson

former soldier, spy, and C-level corporate executive – turned transformational success coach

I especially love working with BOTH government employees AND entrepreneurs.

Wondering why?

It’s like this:

I’ve done the “government thing,” the “corporate thing,” and the “entrepreneur thing,” and I’ve discovered that the “One Big Thing” that govies and entrepreneurs have in common is…

A uniquely hard-wired, overriding commitment to serve.

P.S. I have a special message for all of you government employees and government grads (click the button below).

Client Testimonials

Kathryn Calhoun, Entrepreneur Coach

Working with Martha I have more than doubled my rates and the best thing is everything is EASIER. I was trying to “be more organized” and “be more focused” and it seemed like the answer but it WASN’T. Martha’s system was exactly what I needed to get unstuck and stay unstuck.

Lilian Lowery, Senior Program Analyst

I was extremely stressed. I didn’t know exactly what the problem was, but I knew things couldn’t continue the way they had been. At first, even though I felt better, I didn’t notice the work was having an impact on how I portrayed myself to the world. When others started commenting on the positive difference, it got my attention. I now feel grounded and have a sense of serenity I have never had before.

Beth Coombs, Aromatherapy Consultant, Yoga Teacher, Budget Analyst for the National Park Service

I was really struggling to find my direction at work. Did anyone really care what I did? Did anyone care if I did or didn’t show up for work? Why should I care if others don’t? With Martha, I uncovered a desire to help a bigger audience than just the folks I worked with and I was able to recognize that I have gifts that I wasn’t sharing with anyone that needed to come out. Now I am creating a strong and vibrant business outside of my government service.

Life is supposed to be fulfilling, not just full.



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