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Does everything in your business feel like a struggle?

I have awesome news for you:

It does not have to be this hard. You are meant for more. It can be easier.  Deep down, you already knew that. I know it too – and I can help.

Let’s the Crack the Code
on Your Hidden Brilliance…

You love what you do...or at least you used to...but it's starting to feel like you're pushing a rock uphill.

You tell yourself, “You need better systems in place.” Or maybe, “Just be more focused.” Maybe you’re hoping…or praying…that crappy feeling will go away on its own. (Sorry, not gonna happen.) The truth is the key to your ease-filled business is just on the other side of the thing that’s keeping you stuck right now. You simply need the right tools to move forward with clarity and confidence.

Things are falling through the cracks & not getting done...

Guess what? It’s not because you’re a terrible procrastinator or just plain lazy. It’s not because you’re too disorganized or not focused enough. You solve this not by working harder, sleeping less, or cramming more into your day. Instead, we uncover the secret, hidden reason you’re spinning in circles and allow your hidden brilliance to take the driver’s seat in your business.

You know in your heart you're on the precipice of greatness & you're pretty sure the ONE thing getting in your way is YOU.

Examples: You have a big opportunity in front of you but you feel paralyzed, terrified to take action. Reaching out to potential clients scares you: What if they say no? What if they say YES and discover you’re not who you claim to be? You’re stretched too thin but feel like it’s impossible to get help you can really count on. If this sounds like you, you are normal. There is nothing wrong with you… but it IS time to get out of your own way so you can finally show up and shine the way you know you’re meant to.
Every step I took to build my business was a struggle. I knew I needed to “get out there” but I was filled with anxiety every time I tried.

You shone a light on the places I was getting stuck, the reasons I was sabotaging myself. Martha, working with you I have more than doubled my rates… you helped me rediscover my passion for my business & step into my power as an entrepreneur.

Kathryn Calhoun

"Techie Stuff Mentor" for Online Entrepreneurs

I was at the end of a frayed rope. All the attempts at doing ‘more’ (more work, more training, more effort) and I was farther away from bringing my best self to my work and it was eroding every aspect of my life.

Now I’ve kicked that monkey off my back, there is more lightness on me & in me. Most nights I SLEEP, and I know that the light at the end of the tunnel will keep getting brighter.

Janet S.

Manager, County Government Waste Water Management

I was in a decades-old state of fatigue. I was discouraged & believed I may be permanently unable to move towards a desired goal.

I left the session with a lifting of the extreme fatigue and was able to resume action that day!

Martha showed me I am not broken. I have had a complete nervous system shift towards balance since our session together!

Kerry Robertson

Coach in Training

You can’t work your way out of it or think your way out of it or spend your way out of it.

But you can feel your way through it.

Your greatest struggles are actually the secret source of your greatness gifts. Once you crack your “hidden brilliance code,” the sky is the limit.